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We give many thanks to the people and businesses that have supported us along the way.  
-  A. PAJ Turner and Quiet Professional Publishing. 


To Philip Elliott (December 18, 1991 - January 6, 2020)
As you transition from this universe to the next, just know that your chill, million-dollar personality, and kindness left a huge void in everyone who knew you. The ancestors got a good one. You are truly missed. Until we meet again… 
To Shantrell Reed (September 14, 1995 - June 13, 2020)
Your dad spoke of you often. I wish I had the chance to meet you. If my voice could travel across universes, I would tell you a piece of his soul left with you. That last hug you shared was everything to him. The ancestors have a fighter. You will be loved and missed forever. 

Thank you to this dedicated team of professionals for bringing my vision to life:

Marcia Garnett, Emerald Garnett Editing

Ivan, Book Covers Art

Alvin, The Media Model

Eli , Eli The Book Guy

D's DTG Print and Embroidery

Vital Force Marketing

Ascend Web Design 

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