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It's Not All About Sex...

Intimacy starts first thing in the morning with your loved one. In the bathroom getting ready for work, walking past her, gently brushing up against her along with that “look” you give her in the mirror, deposits money in the bank for nighttime activities. In the kitchen, come behind her and kiss her gently on the back of her neck while stroking her shoulders…cha ching! Tell her how gorgeous she is, opening her car door and kissing her softly on her lips, tell her she’s everything to you before she goes to work....

Call her during the day to check up on her and see how her day is going lets her know you are thinking about her. Tell her exactly that to confirm what she is already thinking. When you get home and she’s already there, ask her about her day. Just listen, and do not be quick to resolve her work-related stressors. If you know your lady, you will know when she needs your counsel.

If she cooks, tell her you appreciate her. If you cook, tell her you appreciate her. Hug her. Talk about the great times you had throughout your relationship, your sexual encounters, how sexy she continues to look and how good she made you feel. Cha-ching! Grab her bottom when she walks pass you out the blue, then keep it moving. If she doesn’t smile, she is on the inside.

I was told four play starts the moment the sun reveals itself until the moon replaces it. Salute to the men who touch, tease and take care of their women physically and mentally... all day.

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