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Who Have You Helped Today?

Good evening my good people. Who have you helped today?

Selfless service is the foundation for blessings. What you put out to the universe; you will receive it back tenfold. When you display selfless service, don’t do it because you want something back. It may not come. Just do it. It will come when you need it most. Blessings will reveal itself.

During my 28 years serving in the U.S military, year 8, I became an officer.  I was finally put in a better position to change the lives of my Soldiers and their families. I placed their wants and needs before mine and provided mentorship.  I ensured they could mentally and spiritually grow under my command by establishing a stress and hostile free work environment. I knew their families; their goals and I invested my time and energy into them.

Life isn’t about how many things you have done. No one remembers how many missions I went on or how many operational orders I published. People will always remember how you helped them for a lifetime. That's what matters.  

The year 2020 has shown us how precious life is and how short it can be. So, try it. Help someone.

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