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The Re-Creation of Black Wallstreet


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Richie, a visIonary and an entrepreneur, returned

to Chicago to help build businesses in the black communities. He provided better opportunities for his people by recreating the success of Black Wall Street using profits from the drug trade. Richie planned to exit the game once he felt the communities could flourish without his assistance....

But his connect has other plans. Unpredictability, violence, and political pressures fight to throw Richie off course. Will he be able to fight back and emancipate his people from society’s controlling influences? Or will he and his team fall victim to the streets, sending their revolutionary plans up in a blaze?


Here's What Our Readers Have To Say...

"Vividly written...storyline and characters were great. This was a movie playing in my mind while I was reading. This book captured my attention from beginning to end. It has comedy from Tech, black power from Richie and all the other characters served a great purpose in the story. Richie’s two nemesis Maurice and Felix was ruthless. I hope this turns into a tv series. Can’t wait for the next book in the series. Outstanding ending and possibility for a book after this one." - Cramer


"Exceptional job! This book was very well written and immediately draws you in with the characters, drama and suspense. I was hooked from chapter one and finished the entire book in less than 48 hours. Can’t wait for the next one!!! Definitely a page turner and I love the positive spin for the black community!" - Toya


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